brandon troy shobe (recreantromance) wrote in canaryandcrow,
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does anyone feel like falling out of the side of a speeding car and smiling at the kids walking to school, as your blood sprays the side of their perfect white faces? hi. me too. how about walking into a catholic church and giving yourself a shotgun facial into the choir on christmas eve? should the weak of society be bled dry to fuel the rest of us? i think so. this is my cause. an aspiring jthm. whats up? my girlfriend says to post a love letter i wrote to her to make friends. fuck friends, but here it is anyway: kiss me kill me twist me take me make me yours and let me fall through your fingers splattered on the floor the walls the door cold and closed and shattered through the hinge spill me off your lips and drip like poison from eyes bled dry bled in bled out on the bed with your face in mine and your teeth on the sheets and your lies on the cieling where your eyes still stare funny aint it taste the blood in your throat and love it die for me die for love die for vanity lick your lips and take the blood and smile youre dead baby
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